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Monday, February 8, 2010

My "HongKong" trip

Today (09/01/2010) is my second day at HongKong. First day ==> I reached "Macau" & there was raining(too bad). We reach Hong Kong at afternoon & our hotel is located at 荃湾西(如心海景五星级酒店) And today, we plan to go to 金紫荆广场 to take photo & 太平山 to watch the light show but finally we cancel 太平山 trip due to heavy rain. We only spent a moment at 金紫荆广场 & after that we seperate to go difference place. My GF & her family go to 尖沙咀 & 星光大道. For me, my destination is "MongKok" to seach my hobby. Finally i get my HG Dendrobium (HK1400), Bandai GFF Zeta plus "Blue colour" version (HK899) at 皆旺商场 & a cute figure(HK249) at 信和广场. So this is all for second day in HongKong.
Third day, we went to Disney Land & we do have great time there. Fourth day, we ent to 大屿山by cable car to prostrate the Buddha Figure. Heavy mist there & blustery. We left there around 4pm & my gf & me go to "Mongkok" again to look for G-system gundam models shop. Finally we got the place & there are many giant Gundams like Nu gundam, Hi-Nu gundam, Sazabi, RX 78-2 and so on. See pic upper. I'm really really enjoy it . Hope one day i could have my own shop like that. For fifth day, we went to "太平山" & Wax House. How wonderful that place and so real for all wax human figure. Afternoon we say sayonana to HongKong. We took the bullet train from 深圳 to 广州. So fast the train (200km/hrs). It was very cold in Guangzhou, temperature between 6 to 10 degree. I had a happy Chinese New Years at Guangzhou. And i have bought 2 giant dragon ball figure which are 超级塞亚人. Each 83RMB. Finally, i back to singapore on 18/01/2010.